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Perfetto per soggiorni di lavoro, studio o relax. Capitolo 9. Capitolo Il mondo dello sport Vocabolario Gli sport Il mondo dello sport Grammatica Il plurale dei nomi invariabili Il perfetto vs. Donne e uomini in casa e fuori Vocabolario La casa Mobili ed elettrodomestici Grammatica Il causativo Verbi modali Pronomi relativi Comunicazione Esprimere vari sentimenti prima parte Esprimere vari sentimenti seconda parte Nota culturale Uomini e donne Giulietta e Romeo Dalla letteratura italiana Si parva licet di Cesare Pavese Undetected country.

NO YES. Selected type: Paperback. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Con fantasia provides teachers and intermediate students of Italian with a source of language, discourse, and contemporary cultural topics that make the review of Italian a pleasant and meaningful experience, taking the language beyond the text.

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To develop the ability to use the language in an autonomous, spontaneous, and creative way, learners must go beyond a grammar and vocabulary review format, with materials and activities designed to help them become more consciously aware of the uses of the language they are studying. The primary purpose of this book is to allow students to realize this goal—to become autonomous speakers of Italian--, and it encourages them throughout to use the language on their own terms for specific purposes.

The learning flow 1 starts from a spontaneous and creative recall phase Avvio , 2 moves through a formal review phase Vocabolario, Grammatica, and Comunicazione , 3 engages students textually with cultural information Nota culturale and Dalla letteratura italiana , 4 provides opportunities for the use of the language in a creative fashion Con fantasia , and 5 exposes students to the use of the language in the framework of our constantly changing world Dal mondo italiano and Navigare su Internet.

The belief in fabulous islands was part of a wider attraction to the strange and the marvellous which characterized early modern European culture, ranging from cabinets of curiosities and travel writing to natural philosophy, books of secrets and news pamphlets. Islands formed, of course, the natural environment of Venice and its lagoon, but they were also the composite elements of its overseas empire, which was often portrayed as a space of wonder.

This was the supreme emotion which any imperial metropolis — let alone the marvellous city par excellence, Venice 5 — aspired to convey both to its inhabitants and foreign visitors. This article examines the books which probably played the most important role in consolidating the islands of the east Mediterranean into a coherent category of knowledge in early modern Venice: the isolari or island books.

A typical example of the sophisticated geographical and cartographic culture of Venice, 6 this unique genre of travel literature and cartography shows what the Venetians knew about their city's overseas dominions and how they came to learn about them. Originating in the medieval portolan charts used by pilots and merchants who sailed the Aegean, the isolari gave islands an exclusive treatment in encyclopaedic editions which combined text and image. Although the emergence of the genre is closely related to Florentine humanism and antiquarianism — the earliest known manuscript isolario , the Liber insularum archipelagi c.

Their description, typology and textual analysis have been the major preoccupations of most of the scholars who have studied them so far, although some have also explored their relationship to early modern literary texts, while others have analysed the treatment of particular locations in them, like Mount Athos or the city of Constantinople. Second, it will analyse their use of illustrations in connection to the wider process of documenting knowledge through images in the early modern period. Third, it will investigate what the accumulation of knowledge about islands can tell us about the relationship between insularity and notions of empire in metropolitan Venice.


If a social history of the printed isolari were to be written, the first thing to note would be the extent to which their compilation was a broad, collaborative project entailing the combined efforts of multiple agents. In the case of the first printed island book, Bartolomeo dalli Sonetti's Isolario Venice, c. As several studies in early modern book history have shown, printed books were the outcome of a joint enterprise that encompassed a complex set of partnerships among writers, editors, printmakers, publishers and others.

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While these combinations are clearly evident in most of the isolari , an examination of their social context points to the need to go beyond a strictly textualist notion of hybridity in order to take into account the interaction of different communities and forms of knowledge in the process of their composition. This observation calls for the revision of a commonly held assumption, namely, that the humanist compilers of the printed isolari often bypassed the maritime cartographers' emphasis on autopsy in favour of their Latin sources and philological commentaries.

Porcacchi was a prominent figure of the mid cinquecento Venetian community of poligrafi , a group of versatile professional writers who earned their living as employees of the vernacular presses. His career was closely connected to the most significant publisher of the period, Gabriel Giolito, and covered the production of works in several genres.

Yet, the book was not just a collage of other texts which recycled material laid out by a skilful editor. They also demonstrate that his working practices belonged to a wider culture of research and scholarship developed around the circulation of texts, images and objects within the networks of epistolary communication and patronage which formed the early modern Republic of Letters. Porcacchi also learned a great deal from conversations with the Catholic exile in Venice Sir Richard Shelley, diplomat and prior of the hospital of St.

John of Jerusalem in England. Information derived from Italians abroad, foreign diplomats in Venice and travelling scholars in the Ottoman empire was complemented with data provided by members of the colonial elites in the State of the Sea.

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For example, the Cypriot nobleman Ettore Podocataro, an eminent figure in the intellectual and cultural circles of Venice, belonged to this important category of informants. An additional category of reputable informants who took part in the assemblage of island narratives and served to enhance their credibility were the patrician administrators of Venice's maritime dominions.

More importantly, it confirms that island books were greatly influenced by the empirical practices of information gathering that were developed and institutionalized within the context of Venetian environmental management, the practical culture of commerce and empire building.

The same endorsement of empirical observation pervades yet another island book which has been hitherto unknown to the relevant historiography, Giulio Cesare de Solis's Descrittione di molte isole famosissime.

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There the author writes that the island of Kythera looks north to Cape Maleas, which according to modern mariners is around 30 miles away, although Pliny and Strabo say that this distance is no longer than 25 miles, a subject on which experience demonstrates that they are making a serious error …. A final group which played a significant part in the production of island books were medical practitioners.

As early as the fourteenth century a number of doctors in Venice had gained a privileged social status on account of their intellectual activities. The connections between medicine and geography are also exemplified in the case of the physician, cosmographer and itinerant astrologer Giuseppe Rosaccio, who produced the Viaggio da Venetia a Costantinopoli Like many doctors who doubled as cosmographers, Rosaccio considered the study of geography as a key component of his medical profession.

Porcacchi's isolario sheds further light on the links between humanist medical erudition and island books.

In the preface, the author expresses his gratitude to a learned physician from Brescia, Leone Ghidella, 46 who not only saved his life but also played a crucial role in facilitating the completion of his island book. Eventually, as Porcacchi acknowledges, the entire organization of his isolario was modelled on this precious manuscript which he received from his physician.