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If we had only five people, each paying seven guineas a week—" Molly departed into the realms of somewhat optimistic mental arithmetic. As it is, it seems to me it will be years before we can ever find anywhere to live.

They had had so little time together since their hasty marriage, that they were both longing to settle down in a home. So the great experiment was set under way.

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And now, today, the first of the guests was to arrive. Molly announced the necessity of walking to the village to make some last purchases. The only thing that was wrong was the weather. For the last two days it had been bitterly cold, and now the snow was beginning to fall. — BitMidi

The weather forecasts had been lugubrious in the extreme. Heavy snowfall was to be expected. She hoped anxiously that all the pipes wouldn't freeze. It would be too bad if everything went wrong just as they started. She glanced at her watch. Past teatime. Would Giles have got back yet?


And he would laugh and say, "More tins? The house was empty. Giles was not back yet. Molly went first into the kitchen, then upstairs, going round the newly prepared bedrooms. Boyle in the south room with the mahogany and the four-poster.

Three Blind Mice (roound version) - MP3 & Midi files

Major Metcalf in the blue room with the oak. Wren in the east room with the bay window.

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Molly patted a counterpane into place and went downstairs again. It was nearly dark. The snow beat in a soft flurry against the window-panes.

Three Blind Mice & Frere Jacques

It made a whispery, uneasy sound. Supposing Giles couldn't get back—supposing the snow was so thick that the car couldn't get through? Supposing she had to stay alone here—stay alone for days, perhaps. And instead there was just herself, Molly Davis, playing a role that did not yet seem a very natural role to play.

Three Blind Mice

A shadow passed the window, and she jumped—a strange man was coming through the snow. She heard the rattle of the side door. And then, suddenly, illusion fled. Automatically Molly picked up the coat that he had thrown in a Giles-like manner onto the oak chest.

The Hidden History of Nursery Rhymes

Wouldn't have been any good for us. I went on to another dump, but that wasn't any good, either. Nobody turned up yet, I suppose? Boyle isn't coming till tomorrow, anyway. Wren for dinner. Such references, however, are frowned upon officially by both sports as unsportsmanlike.


The Brooklyn Dodgers had a fan band called the "Sym-Phoney Band," led by Shorty Laurice, which started playing "Three Blind Mice" when the umpires came out onto the field until the league office ordered the team to stop. No The nursery rhyme is also the signature tune of the murderer in Agatha Christie's play " The Mousetrap ". It is referenced and sung throught the piece. The words are: Three blind mice, see how they run!

Three Blind Mice — a well known nursery rhyme which tells a rather unpleasant story.

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  • Using a full orchestra with lots of special orchestration effects for such a familiar, simple old tune is an enjoyable challenge but one that we think your singers will like. The arrangement begins with the traditional lyrics twice through, once in unison and once as a round. Then we ramp up the fun some more by doing what has often been done to this round: substitute more complex words for the originals. In this case we have done a new adaptation that keeps the rhythms fairly simple, never more complex than eighth notes.

    It is also less violent than some we have seen. It might be fun for your students to invent verses of their own, looking up other words to use, or even re-writing the story being told a bit. You will find that in some versions of the "high-falootin'" verse, the rhythms can get so complex that they are hard to cram into the time given. For example:.