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Scientists suggest the Talayot Sword may have been a funeral offering.

Credit: Public Domain. The megalithic site was looted by ancient Romans and other civilizations and has been thoroughly excavated since the s, so no one expected to find any further remains.

More Archaeology News. Another possibility is that the sword was used as a weapon and left behind by an escaping warrior. Experts date the sword to around B.

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C, a time when the Talaiotic culture was in serious decline. Several of the megaliths in the area were used primarily for defense purposes and helped repel enemies.

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No other significant ancient artifacts have been found at the site, and scientists were pleasantly surprised when they encountered the sword. The Talayot Sword is a one-of-a-kind artifact that will soon be on exhibit at the Museum of Majorca, giving viewers a glimpse into life during the Bronze Age.

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With a bit of luck, archaeologists may unearth more precious artifacts that will provide us with a better understanding of the interesting Talaiotic culture. Archaeology Oct 28, Archaeology Dec 6, Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.

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Scientists wondered if it was the harbinger of a giant earthquake. Or perhaps a volcano. Southern Californians were uneasy in the aftermath of the Sylmar quake that killed