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They establish teaching and learning as core values. They support positive behavior and build healthy, supportive relationships and a sense of community both between and among students and staff. In them, students have frequent opportunities for participation, collaboration, service and self-direction, strengthening their connection to the school.

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Schools are exciting places to be. They teem with life wrapped around the hope and obstacles that each child faces. Here we described the six big elements that are part of successful schools. However, two things make this piece unique. One is consensus. This document does not reflect the expertise of one individual or one organization.

Rather, it reflects the collective wisdom of all the various public school stakeholders.

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Together, they agree these are the elements needed for a school to perform at a high level. Nor will a school with strong leadership and poor teachers. The interaction between all six of these elements is critical. It is the bonds between these elements that allow the successful school to form.

We must work together to ensure each school has what it needs to get there. Download the executive summary or the two-page brief. Download the full compendium. Brief: Policy Implications and Recommendations. Brief: Focus on the Total Child. Brief: Commitment to Equity and Access. Brief: Family and Community Engagement. Brief: Distributed Leadership.

Brief: Relationship-Oriented School Climate. Press Release. Promotional Toolkit. Miss the launch event? Commitment to Equity and Access Successful schools ensure all students have access to high-quality services and supports enabling them to set and reach high goals for learning. Family and Community Engagement Successful schools effectively engage families and communities in support of students.

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Distributed Leadership Successful schools define leadership broadly. Strong, Supported Teaching Force and Staff Successful schools are staffed with educators—including teachers, principals, school counselors, technology specialists and others—who are well-educated, well-prepared and well-supported.

Elements of Success

The successful and happy people in the world tend to do this kind of stuff. There is a lack of professionalism and preparation throughout the industry. After earning a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Franey worked as a foreign correspondent for The Stars and Stripes and as a reporter and editor for both The St.

After hearing about a job opening at St. Louis-based incentive and marketing company Maritz, he was intrigued by the thought of international travel and relentlessly pursued the position, which he recalls in his book.

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  8. A decade later, Franey left Maritz to partner with Chuck Fandos and lead Gateway in becoming a multimillion-dollar Top 40 distributorship. It is simple and easy to follow and puts the responsibility for success where it belongs — on the reader.

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    With a quarter-century of knowledge and experience, he has decided to impart his wisdom upon the next generation of business leaders and professionals. Now I want the rest of the industry, and people from any industry really, to learn what it takes to be successful.

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