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Carolee Schwaderer

In this session, Mike examines the basic attitude and habits all Christians must have in order to grow spiritually. This introductory lesson will review the historical, political and social conditions that led up to and include the times in which this gospel record was written. This first lesson will review the history of the city of Thessalonica as well as the circumstances surrounding the writing of these two epistles letters. This first lesson in this series contains the background information on the history of the Galatian church, Paul's reason for writing this letter, and the general division of the topics that the Apostle addresses in his epistle to these people.

Galatians A review of the Apostle Paul's life and ministry and the circumstances leading up to the writing of this epistle. This lesson examines the historical and social settings in which the church at Ephesus was established. Mike traces out the beginning and completion of Paul's first missionary journey with the many interesting and challenging stops along the way.

Acts In this lesson, we see how to share your faith with people of different religious backgrounds. We also examine four principles of evangelism found in the New Testament. As the title suggests, this lesson will not only name the excuses but also demonstrate the legitimacy of some and spiritual illness often disguised as simple reasons for non-attendance.

Whether you decide to go earlier or later, you may submit your papers up to days before you wish to begin your mission service. Regardless of when you go, you should be ready to meet the spiritual and physical demands. Remember that the important thing is not how old you are, but how prepared you are.

"I wish I’d known how amazing it was going to be!"

You should be able to teach the lessons found in chapter three of Preach My Gospel and should have a personal testimony. And it is OK if you feel that you need improvement in some areas.

Make a plan to strengthen your weaknesses, and stick to that plan. Missionaries must also be able to take care of themselves, including doing laundry, sewing on buttons, making meals, living on a budget, and so forth. Be sure to practice proper hygiene and make sure you are up to the physical demands.

This may mean learning new skills or how to live a more healthy lifestyle. If you plan to attend college, it is a good idea to go ahead and apply on the normal deadlines while you are still in high school.

So you want to be a missionary?

Once you're accepted, you can apply for a deferral at most colleges should you decide to serve right after graduating. This will help you be prepared to continue to progress after your mission. Understand the culture Not everyone thinks like you, believes like you, or grew up in an environment like you. Not everyone has the same political perspective, the same views on family or on money.

This is even more apparent when living in a foreign land.

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The more you can understand this new culture, the easier time you will have in connecting and building relationships with the locals and winning their trust. And, Lord willing, lead them to Christ. Deal with conflict well As a missionary, you may prepare yourself for challenges when dealing with foreigners, but you may overlook the stresses of difficult people on your own mission team.

The Pope and mission: “Without Jesus we can do nothing” - Vatican News

In fact, it may come as a complete surprise. Just remember, as long as you work with people, you will deal with differing opinions, perspectives, and how people process information.

Some people are all about the details, while others see the big picture. Conflict is not inherently bad; more times than not, conflict can help people work towards a solution that is best for everyone. So do not run from difficult issues; embrace them and let God sharpen you in the process. I will strengthen you and help you. It is no easy task to leave the comforts of family, friends, and familiar surroundings.

I want to be a missionary now

It is even more challenging to enter a whole new culture, learn a new language, eat new types of foods, develop new friends, and work in a foreign place. At times, it can be downright overwhelming. One may even feel discouraged, especially if things are not going the way you think they should go, in the timeframe you believe they should happen in. Remember, God is with you and is directing your steps.

The Pope and mission: “Without Jesus we can do nothing”

He is the one that will ultimately produce the fruit in and through you. So just relax. Trust God by faith and keep believing that he has a good plan. His purpose for you will be accomplished in his perfect timing.