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Thousands of pounds! It is so heavy that the floor is reinforced! This Old Kingdom Sarcophagus is a phenomenal example of stone carving! This sarcophagus most likely belonged to Akhet-hotep a 4th Dynasty official and possibly also a prince. This sarcophagus is an "eternal home" for its royal owner.

The pattern around the sides of the sarcophagus may seem decorative, but it actually mimics the appearance of the palace walls. The lid is even shaped like a roof. How much does the lid of this sarcophagus weigh? I don't think we have an official weight on hand, but it's incredibly heavy, in the tons range.

The lid and the rest of the sarcophagus is made from red granite. The cover and the box are each made from single pieces of granite! It would have been quarried locally in Egypt but it was indeed quite an effort to move. The holes drilled in the lid were used to maneuver the lid in place. Were sarcophagi later replaced by coffins? The two are related terms. A sarcophagus is basically the name for a stone coffin, typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations like Egypt, Rome, and Greece. And "coffin" can refer to any kind of body container, from the painted, three-dimensional coffins of Egypt to the well-known Dracula-like caskets!

Nile - Sarcophagus

Why are there holes in the sarcophagus? The holes serve the very practical purpose of making the very heavy lid easier to maneuver. Ropes or poles would be inserted into these holes in the solid granite lid making handles so that the sarcophagus could be closed after its owner died.

If you look closely at the sides of the sarcophagus, you'll see repeated lines. These lines make the sides of the sarcophagus look more like the walls of the palace, therefore making this sarcophagus into a kind of eternal house for the prince who was buried in it.

'Cursed' ancient Egyptian sarcophagus reveals its grisly secrets

Is there a mummy inside? No mummy inside! This sarcophagus most likely belonged to Akhet-hotep a 4th Dynasty official and possible also a prince. The large holes drilled into the upright sections of the coffin's lid serve an entirely practical purpose. They exist for poles or ropes to be threaded through so that the lid can be maneuvered onto the base. Is there something inside the sarcophagus? This one is empty. The three mummies on view are all in the Mummy Chamber.

But we do know that this sarcophagus belonged to a royal official named Akhty-hotep who is shown in a nearby relief! What is this? This is thought to be the sarcophagus of and Old Kingdom prince, Akhet-hotep. The niched facade on the outside is supposed to replicate palace walls as a facsimile of the deceased's final "home. Is the mummy still in this? Nope, the only mummies in the galleries are in the Mummy Chamber. The United Arab Emirates is on a solar kick — it has just opened the world's largest solar farm. This is only one of several huge power plants they've opened recently.

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sarcophagus - Wiktionary

In this very simple tomb, the deceased's everyday furniture was placed around the coffin on the day of burial. Display case 4 in Room 16 contains a blue faience dish E and a mirror E that were found near the mummy's head. As was often the case, she was given a ready-made coffin, and her name was added to the existing funerary formulas. All the tombs in this same cemetery were very humble ones, and the bodies themselves were very poorly mummified.

This group of people without administrative titles was probably unrelated to the royal enclave that occupied the valley of Deir el-Medina at this period.

The story of cities, part 1: how Alexandria laid foundations for the modern world

The lyre in the coffin of an old man who was buried in the same vault as Madja could be a clue to her profession: Madja was not a local name, and sounds rather Nubian, while other names in the tombs in the same cemetery are of Syro-Palestinian origin; foreign nurses, musicians, and dancers were in the service of the great Theban families at this time, and Madja may have belonged to this social group. Egyptian Antiquities. Buy tickets. Plan your visit. Learning about Art. Support the Louvre. Louvre Lens. Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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