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Mattei was instructed to dissolve Agip because of its fascist past. Instead, Mattei further developed and expanded Agip. In , a new Italian oil and gas public company, Eni, was founded by Mattei, with himself as its director. Agip was incorporated within Eni as its subsidiary. It was made responsible for marketing and refining within the new company and Eni for all the rest.

Thus there were to be two facets to Il gatto selvatico , one related to the animal self reliant, canny, romantic, savage, even mythical and the other to the oil industry rigs, drilling, pipelines, tankers the corporate business of oil. There was to be oil as commodity and oil as poetry, an imaginative source, so that with every barrel of oil there would also be history, stories, legends, literature and associations.

La via del petrolio is a documentary on the exploration, drilling, extraction, transport and commerce of oil, and on the poetry of it, an evocation of historical references and cultural ones, often mythical layers of heroes and writers, like Herman Melville, Jules Verne, and the legendary Homer, Odysseus and Marco Polo. La via del petrolio is in a perpetual motion of figures, places, objects, the camera. The film is in three parts, like three acts in theatre with intermissions.

Il gatto selvatico was a journal of a successful, powerful, immensely rich, extraordinarily influential Italian capitalist State owned company; it was also a journal of culture, culture made accessible, easily understood, educative, informative and to be enjoyed. The popularization of culture, its democratisation, was characteristic of European and American ideas post-war, for example, in programmes of education such as liberal studies and cultural studies and in artistic movements, of which Pop Art and the work of Warhol, are high points.

Pop is an art constructed with comic book images, celebrity images from the movies and images from marketing and advertising like displays of carefully reproduced brillo boxes often made in series by industrialised techniques and processes. The art was flashy, exaggerated, played upon the vulgar and the common, was often parodic.

Perhaps too it goes in another unexpected direction or even sideways to it, the contradictoriness of what came to be known as Socialist Realism whose roots are in a radical documentarism. And perhaps, there is as well, another source, in the valorisation of the document, the everyday, the banal, as in the case of Il gatto selvatico and the industrial, as a source and provocation of dream, magic, the unlikely, the irrational, tenets of Surrealism. In effect, an entire literature and aesthetic tradition is behind Il gatto selvatico and the sources of it that include the cultural politics of Mattei and Eni, the poetics of Attilio Bertolucci, and the exquisite melodramas of his son Bernardo.

In his early films, Bertolucci related most explicitly to Godard, Pasolini, Rossellini and Renoir, but Novecento marks a change: it is an historical epic, a cinema with Hollywood stars made to reach a large audience, despite or on behalf of its Socialist political aspects and even if the early films are recognisable in the later ones, things have changed.

It was a reflection by Bernardo of the culture of Il gatto selvatico and of Attilio, his delicate, direct, simple and straight forward poetic essays on painting in the end pages of every issue of the journal. Apparent oppositions in the work of Bertolucci between the political and the aesthetic, between the industrial and the aesthetic, and between father and son, if not resolved were not compromised either, nor denied nor made conventional nor reductive, hence the intensity. The first part of La via del petrolio , Le Origini , takes place in Iran. It begins with Fire, the burning off of natural gas created as a by-product of drilling for oil.

The burn is at the top of high towers in a mountainous terrain. The burning belongs to the extraction process, but the visual effect is magical, unreal, fantastic, even thrilling, a spectacle and also a reference, I believe, to the ancient and beautiful story in The Thousand and One Nights of Aladddin and his magic lamp. By these means, the film is set in motion in two contrasting directions, one of the document and the objective, the other of fiction and the subjective, as if the image of reality, in this case part of an industrial procedure and necessarily limited, is never completely accounted for by the fact of it, by the event.

The unreal, the fiction, the ghost of the image, is retained like the residue of gas and goes beyond its bounds in time and in place.

Book Review - On Solitude by Michel de Montaigne.

The oppositions are transformations of one thing into another but not one without the other; a metamorphosis. What follows the burning of the oil are sequences from the streets and market places of Iran: young children gawking at the camera and laughing, men with long beards hurrying away, leaving behind them traces of a sidelong glance like a shadowy tail, sellers of carpets on bicycles or pulling a cart or carrying the carpets on their backs. These moments are fragments of a reality that belong to a past, to ancient traditions and gestures, but of an antiquity still present in the Iran of the film.

Each event is like a variation on a theme or a counterpoint, musical and not only practical. Nothing is still in the sequence, neither the persons who dash about, nor the camera in pursuit, all in a perpetual movement. A look, an image quickly becomes another, not exactly a displacement but a conjunction, like a fade. The street sequence, so different from the initial one of the burning, nevertheless is part of a formal pair, a fluctuation of the factual and the fictional, the industrial and the fantastic, an unfinished, improvised rhyme caught momentarily.

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