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Designing the Right Security Architecture for your APIs (Cloud Next '19)

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Key duties The duties outline the tasks and goals for which the information security architect is responsible. This includes continuous monitoring and making improvements to those solutions, working with an information security team. Consulting and engineering in the development and design of security best practices and implementation of solid security principles across the organization, to meet business goals along with customer and regulatory requirements. Security considerations of cloud computing: They include data breaches, broken authentication, hacking, account hijacking, malicious insiders, third parties, APTs, data loss and DoS attacks.

Identity and access management IAM — the framework of security policies and technologies that limit and track the access of those in an organization to sensitive technology resources. Experience with and knowledge of: VB. These are some of the technical elements needed to build security into an organization. Related: Careers Security. Within a model all elements that relate with the problem situation are brought together to study effective solutions.

Without going into detail on system science or problem solving theory: in general systems consist of sub-systems, objects, functions or processes, and activities or tasks. The key in creating a good model to solve a specific information security problem is to model the problem, not the complete system with all elements. This because modelling the world completely is ineffective, time consuming and it does not give a direct answer to solve a problem situation.

It is far better to start with a small model of a problem and create extensions on this model if needed. The field of modelling problem situations to solve information security problems is not new. Many models in literature exist. Reusing a good model can save you time and safeguards you from making mistakes. A prerequisite is that you start with a good model that can be trusted and is intensively reviewed by large numbers of subject matter experts.

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There are many good security models that can assist in creating a solution architecture to solve a specific security problem for an organization. Mind that a model can be expressed in many different forms. Hard models are often mathematical risk models whereas soft models are more quality based models. Since using hard models often gives a false sense of reliability and requires full insight of all assumptions made it is more productive to reuse soft security and privacy models.

When creating solution architecture, you need:.

Creating a good security or privacy design or architecture means you never ever start with selecting tools for solving your problem! Selecting tools should be the last phase of your security or privacy design phase. You select tools when it is clear that the tool will support in solving your security or privacy problem. Tools alone are never enough to solve security or privacy problems.

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You need to fit in tools within your security and privacy processes. Several problems exist with many IT security tools that will hit you when you start too soon with the solutions instead of a thorough problem diagnosis and solution design. Wrongly selected security and privacy tools give the following issues:. IT security in general is seen as a complex problem field, due to the many technical and nontechnical aspects involved.

Security Architecture and Design

Good modelling helps you to qualify security and privacy risks. In general, it is far more easy to reuse proven concepts and models when creating your own security model.

Security Architecture

This way you build on the work of others and using a good model reference will reduce the risk of making crucial mistakes. This section covers some commonly used models and elements that can be reused when creating a solution for a specific information security problem. Elements that are presented are attack vectors, some examples of security personas and some great security models that can assist you when creating your security design.

Good security is goal oriented. Good security architecture is tailored to your situation. When defining a product or new IT service one of the key activities is to define your specific security requirements. Defining requirements is known to be hard, time consuming and complex. Especially when you have iterative development cycles and you do not have a clear defined view of your final product or service that is to be created. Defining attack vectors within your security requirements documentation is proven to be helpful from the start.

Attack vectors will give more focus on expected threats so you can start developing security measures that really matter in your situation from the start. Attack vectors are routes or methods used to get into information systems. Attacks are the techniques that attackers use to exploit the vulnerabilities in applications. Within the IT cyber security world many terms and definitions are used. Attack vectors usually require detailed knowledge to judge whether the vector is relevant in a specific situation. Contrary to spoofing attacks in the Rogue Master attack the attacker does not fake its identity, but rather manipulates the master election process using malicious control packets.

The good news is: The number of possible attack vectors is limited. The bad news is: The ways an attack vector can be exploited is endless. Unless decent security measures are taken to minimize attacks using this specific attack vector. Good designed security solutions are not that complicated and complex after all. It is recommended that you specify in your solution architecture the attack vectors that apply to your use case. Remember to put the explanation of the attack vectors used in an appendix, since not all your stakeholders will know what e.

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  6. Computer security has become much harder to manage in recent years. This is due to the fact that attackers continuously come up with new and more effective ways to attack our systems. But also the emerging trend of Cloud Computing created an extra level of complexity within the field of cyber security and privacy protection. A commonly wide spread fad is that Cloud Hosting is more secure than on premise.

    The truth is that it is different. Security principles and all attack vectors still apply. The main factors that make Cloud hosting more complex to manage are:. Whether you use Cloud hosting of host your computer services still on your own data centre all hardware threads still apply.

    Since true open source hardware is still seldom seen, currently your valuable information is vulnerable due to the following more hardware related attack vectors:. An attack vector that many people forget to consider is the boot process itself which is almost completely controlled by the BIOS. When you are still in control of your own computer hardware, consider to overcome the malicious attacks on BIOS by one the following methods:. Threads related to hardware are often invisible.

    Since computer hardware is seldom open, many threads are still not widely known. In order to protect your core information you should always take measures to be able to reduce the likelihood of getting targeted by attack vectors that are hardware related. Personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a system, website, product or service. Using personas is common practice when dealing with UX design.