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Understand that that is life. Those are the things that you need to hold close to you, those teachings. That understanding about life. So I pray you take it to your heart, and that you carry it on. At this moment, we need to protect the earth in particular because of the destruction that we all know about. More than ever, in this time of devastation to her, and her vulnerability, in expressing so visibly and potently her power, we must take came of her. Why did you come to this gathering of indigenous people from around the world? Our elders hold the key to sustainability, and we need to share what we know with the world, and before we do that, we need to create an interface.

We need to have relationships that have integrity. And we need to have ways that are ethical and strong.

If you had one thing to say to young adults, what would it be? Live it.

Live your traditional wisdom, spirituality. Remember who you are. We need you. The earth needs you, now. What is a blessing that you want to give out to the world? Great Spirit, may the peoples of the Earth, the sacred sites of the Earth, may we communicate, in accordance with our original instructions, refreshed and renewed for today.


May we look at it as clear fire, as one dream. Not always a good one, but a dream nevertheless. May we do that, that we could transform, that the things that cause destruction could work in service of life. Remembering again who we are. Returning to the origin, of our species, of our people, in that reflection of the dark mirror. The third way will be found. All my relations. If there were one thing that you want to say to young adults, what would that be? If I could say one thing to the youth, it would be to let them remember, about who they are, their ancestors, their forefathers, and how to live in harmony with earth… how to look after the earth; how to protect the earth.

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If you could say one thing to the leaders of the world, to help them lead with more wisdom, what would it be? If I could say one thing to the leaders of the world, it would be to speak to the youth, to be in dialogue with the youth. And not just to speak but to do as well.

I want to see momentum. The time is now.

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What would you say are some of the most important things that the indigenous voice informs us; ways that it can help us find our way back to a more balanced life and a protected environment? The wisdom Job seeks is to understand the plan of God in the suffering of the innocent, and conversely, in the success of the wicked. But like the Preacher, he knows he is doomed to failure. The wise man would be the one who understands the plan of God in allowing, even bringing about, the suffering of the innocent.

Wisdom in Proverbs and Sirach If human wisdom is fearing God and keeping His commandments, a part of it must be knowing how to keep His commandments. Wisdom is not unattainable. Wisdom was with God in creating, but what is it? Both Proverbs and Sirach clearly state that wisdom is not God, but a creature.

The portrayal of wisdom in these books is indeed wonderful, and yet strange. How can wisdom be eternal and yet a creature?

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If it is not God, how could God create through a creature? The Book of Wisdom The book of Wisdom, written in the person of Solomon, summarizes many points we have seen so far. But on the question, What is wisdom? Wisdom is that which God gives to men so that they might know His plan for them. She comes forth from the power of God and images His goodness. To summarize what we know about wisdom in the Old Testament, we know this much: All the works agree in presenting wisdom as an understanding of the providential plan of God in creation.

This is what Job and Ecclesiastes seek but cannot find, while it is what Proverbs, Sirach, and Wisdom promise will be given to those who seek. Moreover, we see that wisdom is variously presented as with God from eternity, as at work in the creation of the world and the salvation of man, and as dwelling in individuals as a gift from God. Wisdom in the New Testament St.

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Paul speaks of wisdom more than any other New Testament author. Under the New Testament, God has now revealed his plan for creation and he has chosen Paul to bring all men to understand it. Of these five verses, only 1 Corinthians speaks about wisdom and how the wisdom Paul speaks of is for the mature and is not the wisdom of his age.

Knowing we have over verses that reference wisdom, there has to be a better way to filter them so we can find passages that will help us make more sense of the godly wisdom spoken of in our passage. After exhausting the cross-references provided by our Bible, the next place we should turn is a more exhaustive list of cross-references.

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I like to refer to it as cross-references on steroids. Ja , Ge , Ex Jb , 23, Pr Is , 3. Da Ho Mt Lk